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3rd December 2011

2:57pm: Rumour: Jamie has storyboarded a new Gorillaz video / 100 Club / Bleach artist tribute / Damon news
Jamie has storyboarded a new Gorillaz video
We have heard from reliable sources that Jamie has storyboarded a new Gorillaz video! No further information is available at this time. Previous Converse songs have had accompanying videos, so it may be that the previously-officially-announced Gorillaz track for Converse will have a video made with Jamie's involvement - however this is just speculation at this stage.

Gorillaz Sound System play London's 100 Club
Gorillaz Sound System played a show at London's 100 Club on Thursday night. The show was part of the promotion for the Singles collection and the Converse shoes and was competition-winners and guest list only (no tickets on general sale or on the door). Gorillaz Sound System is still Remi doing percussion and Pauli is still doing drums but DJ Kofi is no longer the DJ (they had another DJ). Doors opened at 9:00 and they were onstage about 10:50pm till about 11:30pm. There was no support apart from DJ sets. Posters in the club advertised the singles set - and GSS started off their set by saying '10 years of Gorillaz. In a surprise move, Damon and De La Soul got onstage and sung / rapped Feel Good Inc, there were some timing issues which meant the song had to be restarted, but the crowd was wild throughout. Roses Gabor and Daley were also there and sung live to mashups of DARE and Doncamatic with non-Gorillaz songs. The set was all Gorillaz songs apart from 'Stupid' a Redlight / Roses song. All in all it was a great night and Gorillaz Sound System are hoping to perform further shows in the next year. Other Gorillaz folks spotted in the audience included Bobby Womack, Cass Browne and Jesse Hackett.There's a nice report on the NME site here including the full setlist and a linked youtube video, and Wireimage has some pictures here.

Bleach Creator Tite Kubo congrats Gorillaz on 10th anniversay / illustration
kurama_loves63 was first to send the news that the creator of the massively successful anime series Bleach wrote a note to the official Japanese Gorillaz website along with an illustration, praising Gorillaz and congratulating them on 10 years of success. Animenewsnetwork has the translation of the note, and the picture, here.

Damon Albarn remix / reworking of a Lana Del Rey track to be released
Martijn sends the news that Pitchfork is running the news here that Lana Del Rey will be releasing a 'remix EP' early next year which will feature a reworking of one of her tracks (possibly Born To Die) by Damon. As previously reported, recently Lana Del Rey worked with Damon apparently for a contribution to a track from Bobby Womack's forthcoming comeback album.

DRC Music event cancelled
The Rough Trade twitter has posted the official news that the DRC Music event scheduled for 6th December has been cancelled. A press release will follow on Monday. Read the tweet here.

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