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30th November 2011

5:19pm: Gorillaz story in latest radio material from Murdoc / Stop The Dams in commercial / Damon news
As previously reported, Spotify.com (the music streaming service) is running a Gorillaz promotion at the moment to coincide with the release of Gorillaz' Singles Collection 2001-2011. There is already some exclusive material to stream and more promised over the next 5 weeks. Already up there now is part of a Murdoc radio broadcast which appears to be part a much extended version of the previous Murdoc XFM broadcast. In the broadcast several new Gorillaz story facts are revealed including information about Noodle, Russel and Cyborg Noodle. If you want to read a summary (warning: spoilers!) click 'Read More' below (or scroll down). If Spotify isn't available in your area, you could grab a download of Murdoc's comments (music edited out) here (thanks Droid!).

In other Gorillaz news, nintendoboy writes in that Stop The Dams is being used to soundtrack a Google+ commercial. Watch it on Youtube here (thanks to all of you who wrote in, Nintendoboy was the first to send a Youtube link).

In Damon news... firstly, Damon will appear on a 6Music Radio show this Sunday at 12:00 noon GMT, on a show called 'Vinyl Revival', talking about his record collection. Depending on your geographical location, you may be able to listen to it on the BBC's website at bbc.co.uk. More info on the BBC site here.

... and secondly, there is a DRC Music event / show at London's Rough Trade East record store on 6th December at 7pm. Wristbands will be given out, one per person, from the store at 8am December 5th. More details here. It will also be broadcast online - further details here

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