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27th November 2011

8:24pm: Murdoc's Singles audio and video track-by-tracks, TV commercial, XFM radio report
Plenty of Gorillaz news from the last couple of days...

Murdoc commentary for audio and (some) video for the Singles Collection
Some Murdoc commentaries on the singles collection have been published. First of all check out the audio track-by-track for all 15 tracks on pedestrian.tv here (ignore that they say it's 'Damon Albarn'... it's Murdoc). Secondly, Murdoc talked to The Sun about his 5 favourite videos on the DVD. Check it out via the scans below, click to enlarge! ( Thanks Angie!)

New Gorillaz TV commercial
As posted by Gorillaz.com, this (on youtube) is apparently a tv commercial for the singles collection. Write in and let us know if you see it on tv!.

Murdoc on XFM report / download
Firstly, Murdoc was on XFM Radio tonight DJing, as previously announced. He played a selection of songs from Gorillaz' Singles collection, as well as M1A1 and Walter Carlos' version of the William Tell Overture. Murdoc was mostly talking through the band's history and did reveal a few funny facts about that (such as the fact that some local kids were blamed for the Kong Studios arson, and sent to prison for it. When it was actually, of course, Murdoc himself who burnt down the studios). As for the future, Murdoc said he left Plastic Beach because of the Pirates attacking it and ruining it, and went through a series of adventures (if he can be believed..) before ending up in Hawaii where he is now. The fates of Noodle, Cyborg Noodle and Russel were not mentioned. 2D was stated to have been eaten, along with part of his room, by the whale, which was then thrown away by Russel (though, if this was referencing the events of the Rhinestone Eyes storyboard video there is an inconsistency with Pirate Radio episode 5 in which 2D appears, and this was apparently subsequent to the events of the Rhinestone Eyes storyboard video). If you missed the show, download it here (right click, 'save target as'). (Thanks dq!).

Damon / Yukimi interview on Dazed site
We reported that this mini interview was up on youtube a few days ago, well, it was pulled from youtube but HappyRadio points out it can still be seen on the Dazed TV site here!

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