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8th November 2011

8:27am: News round-up: Tree Of Beauty from Gorillaz song,GBQ show on Rainbow Warriror, Remix, Africa Express
The news and developments from over the last few days...

Tree Of Beauty / Underwater Rotate connection
Thanks to an anonymous submitter on the G-U main page for this one. As previously reported by G-U last summer at the time of the Dr.Dee shows, Dr.Dee song Tree Of Beauty started life as a Gorillaz song, and now the Gorillaz connection can be revealed in more detail. Compare Tree Of Beauty, particularly 1:19 to 1:52 on Youtube here with the Gorillaz teaser clip Underwater Rotate here. (Apple Carts, as previously reported by G-U, also started life as a Gorillaz song based on clips in the Making Of Plastic Beach documentary. These are possibly the only two songs from the Plastic Beach sessions in Dr.Dee, but that has not been 100% confirmed at this time).

Remix Hallo
Droid sends the news that there's a contest to remix the DRC Music song Hallo on the DRC Music site, you can win prizes, plus there is a 4 minute new interview with Damon and Richard Russell about Hallo. Check it out on the DRC Music site:- http://remixhallo.drcmusic.org/. The DRC Music album was released on Monday on CD and vinyl formats (and it's also available digitally from retailers worldwide).

The Good, The Bad & The Queen to play on the Rainbow Warrior(?)
Damon's band / project The Good, The Bad & The Queen will play a show at London's Coronet Theatre this thursday (10th November) but apparently they are due to play a second show that day (a couple of sources mentioned 'two shows' without specifying where the second show would be held) - apparently the second show will take place on board Greenpeace's ship the Rainbow Warrior on the same day. This was revealed by GBQ collaborator Eslam Jawaad on Twitter.

Africa Express new site / tour details
Africa Express of which Damon is a part launched a new site in the last couple of days and gave a few more details of their 2012 Olympics tie-in tour. This will take place in September, last a week, with shows around Britain, finishing in London. No further details available at this time. Check out the new Africa Express site:-

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