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12th October 2011

1:39am: Damon and Jamie news round-up
While we wait for the Gorillaz singles collection, here's some of the other related news from the last week or so...

New official cap
Online retailer myfitteds.com has a Gorillaz cap which is apparently approved by Gorillaz and Live Nation, although it does not appear on the Gorillaz.com official stores. Check it out here.

DRC Music
At the launch event at the Oxfam store in Dalston, London on 19th October, Damon sang Hallo to a backing track as part of the night's entertainment.
The music video has recently been released for Hallo, featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the recording sessions, including much footage of Damon. Check it out on Youtube here.
Damon talked to the UK radio station XFM tonight, about DRC Music. Download an mp3 of their chat here.

Gorillaz / Damon / Blur change management
Gorillaz, Damon, Jamie and Blur (Damon's band) have all signed with Eleven Management (Niamh Byrne and Régine Moylett). They have left CMO Management, the management company that management Gorillaz since its very beginning and Damon and Blur since the early 1990s. Niamh Byrne used to work for CMO Management in the past. Check out the story on redpages here.

the next Tank Girl retrospective confirmed
The official Tank Girl Facebook has confirmed that the next Tank Girl retrospective book, featuring previously unreleased Jamie art, is on the way (though it may not be release for some time yet). Check out the post here

Mini article about Damon in the studio
There's an interesting article over at goingdeafforaliving here by Steve Lamacq who caught up with Damon in the studio. He also reveals that Damon's solo album is 'routed in stories about Essex', a fact that Damon fan Alistair also wrote in to confirm (after talking to Damon at the DRC Music event. Thanks Alistair!). Lastly the article mentions that Noel Gallagher (of Oasis fame) recently went out drinking with Damon Albarn, remarkable as the two argued in the 90s and weren't reconciled for a long time.

Damon in the Playboy Club in London with Bobby and Snoop!
And finally... Snoop's been over in the UK doing some shows and he partied with Damon and Bobby Womack in London's Playboy Club. Check out a photo here.

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