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30th June 2011

12:37am: New Damon Dr.Dee interview, also video interview and rehearsal video
Check out a Channel 4 video interview (with Damon, about Dr.Dee) and selection of rehearsal clips on the Channel 4 website here.

There's also a new feature print interview in the Daily Telegraph - read it online here (a couple of new rehearsal pictures are also included).

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10:26pm: Damon 6Music session for Dr.Dee (Apple Carts + The Reigning Queen) (UPDATE: BBC News video clip)
Damon recorded a short BBC6Music session yesterday. 2 songs were recorded, Apple Carts and The Reigning Queen (previously unheard), and an interview also took place. It was broadcast on BBC6Music this afternoon.
You can listen again to the whole segment of the show on the BBC website here.
You can download mp3s of the live songs:- Apple Carts | The Reigning Queen.
Read a transcript of the interview by clicking 'Read More' below.

The official Dr.Dee tumblr also has a new pic of what the stage setup will look like, presumably this is a picture from inside the theatre where the production will take place (check the picture here. The show's premiere is tomorrow and it will run until 9th July. Tickets are still available from Ticketmaster.

UPDATE 01/07/11:- This morning BBC1 aired a 2 minute clip featuring footage from the preview performance of Dr.Dee (which took place last night) and bits of a new interview with Damon. Check it out here on the BBC Website! Contains mini parts of some more new songs.

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