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22nd June 2011

8:08pm: Dr.Dee coverage in NME - 10 'solo songs' in the opera(UPDATE: Guardian feature)(UPDATE#2: MEN piece)
In this week's NME there is a Dr.Dee mini article. NME sent a journalist along to last week's rehearsals in London and learnt that Damon will sing '10 solo songs' in Dr.Dee. Click 'Read More' below for a scan of the article.

UPDATE 21:26BST:- A feature article about Dr.Dee has just been published on the Guardian website and you can read it here. As well as lots of Dr.Dee info, there's word on Damon's other projects such as Blur (possibly some US dates in the future), his Flea + Tony Allen album (a bit of work still to do; it's 'largely instrumental') and plans to make an album in a week in the Congo this summer.

UPDATE 21:52BST 24/06/11:- There's a new feature interview with Damon about Dr.Dee, with three new pictures, in Manchester Evening News here.

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