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15th June 2011

12:38pm: Paul McCartney speaks about Gorillaz in interview, potential collaboration
Thanks to roydelaat and jameswalsh for alerting us that the internet news sphere has gone a bit crazy with various versions of a Gorillaz / Paul McCartney story.

The facts are these: website TheQuietus interviewed Paul about his 'McCartney II' album and the interview (full interview here) was published on their website on the 14th June. One of the questions was the following:-

'Check My Machine' is another original oddity, it sounds uncannily like Gorillaz to me. In fact, I'm surprised Damon has never suggested a collaboration...
PM: We have kind of talked. Nothing serious, but I like what they do. I have run into Damon at things and we have talked. It's got near a couple of times but we never had the time, I suppose...

The Sun newspaper additionally claims that it was at the Q Awards 2007 that they had a discussion about collaborating and they also say that 'a source' says that although things didn't work out for Plastic Beach, 'things are looking good for something together in the future.' (The Sun's article is here.

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