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23rd May 2011

9:55am: Gorillaz news roundup: Gruff Rhys, Snoop Dogg, Spotify, Fall unboxing, Kate Bush, Loud magazine
We've not posted for a while and although nothing major has happened in the world of Gorillaz, here are a few minor stories...

Gruff comments on recording with Gorillaz; reveals more of epic scale of sessions
Gruff Rhys recently gave an interview to the DCist and he was asked about working with Gorillaz. He revealed how he got asked to take part, and said of Plastic Beach itself: "it was a very ambitious record. They explained everything to me and played all the music that had been recorded, which at the time was about 3 hours of music. It was like Smile by the Beach Boys, it seemed like this infinite album. I was quite amazed when I heard it because they really edited it down to extremes." Check out Gruff's full answer and the rest of the interview here

The Fall Japanese edition unboxing
laundromatlock sends in a video showing him opening a copy of the Japanese edition of The Fall. Included in the package is a poster featuring the same image as the art print that shipped with the Fall bundle available from Gorillaz.com, as well as a black-and-white Japanese explanation insert which includes a tour map. Check out the video on Youtube here.

G-U interview in Japanese magazine 'Loud'
The G-U Jamie interview 2011 was published in full in the Japanese music magazine 'Loud' this month. Gorillaz was a cover feature in the magazine. Thanks to Cupnoodle for letting us know. You can see a preview of the magazine here, and if you missed the Jamie interview you can read it again (in English!) here.

Snoop mentions Gorillaz in an interview
Droid sends the news that Snoop Dogg mentioned Gorillaz in a recent interview, when he was asked what song made him think of friendship. He picked 'Plastic Beach' (but was referring to Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach, clear from the context), saying: "Me ‘n Damon Albarn are homeyz. We were skyping when I did the video for Plastic Beach. It was about 7pm in LA so god knows what time it was in the UK! But we ended up makin’ one hell of a music video and I think the fans can agree. I also did Glastonbury with him last summer and he came out in my show in London and the fans went nuts. Gorillaz with Snoop Dogg is like peanut butter ‘n jam, ya dig?. Read the full interview on ahlanlive here

Murdoc Spotify playlist
There's a new Murdoc The Fall playlist on music service Spotify - it's entirely based around The Fall radio show that's available from Gorillaz.com, although there are unheard short shoutouts to Spotify at regular intervals (the rest of the material is the same as available from Gorillaz.com).

Kate Bush liked Plastic Beach
UK Music artist Kate Bush, promoting her latest album Director's Cut, mentioned in a couple of interviews (Radio 4 and Mojo) that Plastic Beach was just about the only new album she bought last year. "“I bought the last Gorillaz album,” she said. “I’m not a complete old fart all the time.”. Check out more on beehivecity here. In 2005, an official Gorillaz playlist during promo for Demon Days stated that Noodle's favourite track (at that time) was Kate Bush's 'And Dream Of Sheep'.

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10:03am: 2D's birthday
2D, Gorillaz' singer and keyboardist, is 33 day! Happy Birthday 2D.

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