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1st April 2011

12:44am: April Fool's: Rhinestone Eyes video finished - premiering on Youtube soon
UPDATE: Yes, most of you guessed it, this story was an April Fool's joke. Thanks to Gorillaz fan Rust for the fake photos and original idea!
About the timing of the post, G-U is a UK based site and the timestamps on all the posts are always given in UK time (and, whenever we posted it, it'd be the 'wrong' time for some people in the world, if not North America then Australia / New Zealand, etc).

Previous G-U April Fool's which also provoked fury, mirth and indifference in equal measure:-
Fake Paula Cracker Interview magazine scan (2006)
Fake Jamie Interview audio comment saying 2D will die in the Gorillaz movie (2007)

G-U has never and will never knowingly post false information on any day other than April 1st.

In a sensational world exclusive, Gorillaz-Unofficial can reveal that despite its previous cancellation, the Rhinestone Eyes video was given the green light in January and has recently been completed. We were tipped off by an anonymous source that it's up on Youtube now (but as an unlisted video) and is due to premiere next week. We were asked not to share the URL because Gorillaz have some tie-ins with some big media partners for the launch, but for now enjoy these screenshots. The full thing really is worth the wait. More on this story as we get it.

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