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7th March 2011

12:45am: New Sub Division litho - 'Slippery In Seattle'
Lorna sends pictures of the new Sub Division litho (being sent to new Sub Division subscribers). It's called 'Slippery In Seattle' and it's cover art of The Fall. It's in a limited edition of 2000 ( 'Broken', the first litho, was in an edition of 5000, and the Cyborg Noodle litho followed that, in an edition of 3000 ). Click the pictures below to see pictures of the litho.

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12:55am: 'Starshine ft. Gorillaz' uploaded to the Phi-Life Cypher soundcloud, said to date from 2001 sessions
Terry Craig was the first to send in the news that the rap act Phi-Life Cypher (who collaborated with Gorillaz on a released version of Clint Eastwood, and The Sounder, during Phase 1, as well as guesting with Gorillaz at many live shows during that era) have recently uploaded a track 'Starshine ft. Gorillaz', to their official Soundcloud. Gorillaz-Unofficial got in touch with Phi-Life Cypher and we were told the track dates from 2001. Check out the track here.

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