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16th February 2011

1:57pm: Gorillaz don't win at Grammys or Brits
Not much actual news here, but thanks to everyone who sent in the news that Gorillaz didn't manage to pick up anything at the Brits or Grammys. The Brits took place last night and Gorillaz were up for best group, but lost out to Take That. At the Grammys, Orchestral Intro was up for best pop instrumental but lost out to Jeff Beck, and Stylo was up for best shortform video but that lost to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.

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2:01pm: Doncamatic (Lonsdale Boys Club Remix)
Thanks to JP's blog for bringing this to our attention - London act Lonsdale Boys Club have posted a remix of Doncamatic on their website, it clearly uses the official remix parts and so may very well have been commissioned by EMI around the time of the Doncamatic release but never used. Check out the remix on the Lonsdale Boys Club website here.

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