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9th February 2011

12:52am: Plastic Beach goes platinum in the UK
GuzziHero sends the news that Plastic Beach has gone platinum in the UK (300,000 copies shipped). It was certified Platinum on 4th February. You can search for Gorillaz certified awards in the UK, on the BPI searchable awards database here.

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5:48pm: Gorillaz to appear on new Snoop Dogg album - confirmed by Snoop's site
The rumours had been circulating for a while even before Complex magazine posted a supposed tracklisting of Snoop's new album late last year (as recently covered on Gorillaz-Unofficial), but finally Snoop Dogg's official site confirms that Gorillaz will feature on his new album 'Doggumentary', due to be released on March 29th. Check out the official news on snoopdogg.com here.

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7:05pm: 'Gorillaz alive and well' according to official tweet
A few minutes ago, the following message was posted to the official Gorillaz Twitter:-
"Despite rumours to the contrary, Gorillaz are alive and well and misbehaving in London W10" Link to the post on the official Gorillaz Twitter here

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