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2nd February 2011

7:23pm: Doncamatic (DJ Harry Love Remix) played on Radio 1 - listen again
whatsnextgorillaz writes:-

"DJ harry love has been tweeting for sometime about working on a gorillaz remix. i have been constantly asking him when it would be released. last when i asked him, he send a this link to his mystery remix . Starts somewhere around 54:28 here."

It appears this remix was commissioned by official parties / EMI, but it did not go on to get approval for release.

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7:30pm: Some Beach Site 'secrets' discovered by fan
Gorillaz fan hatrickpatrick has been doing some investigation into the Plastic Beach site and has uncovered some previously unknown (and not publicly displayed) features. Key partly-finished features he has discovered are:-
- Sarcasmo (some animations)
- Record Shack (a sketchy outline, of the shack AND Big Rick himself, and an outline of how he was going to move)
- Noodle's Cupboard (apparently set to incorporate some kind of plug-in Noodle)
- Gay Polar Bear / Crocodile (a reference to them only, apparently set to be viewable through the telescope)

There are other discoveries. It's well worth checking out all the details and pictures, all viewable on the Gorillaz-Unofficial forums here.

hatrickpatrick also writes: "Either way, all of this proves, in my mind, that the storyline and coding for the game had progressed considerably before they decided to axe it. And there is still the potential for it to be finished some day if they find anyone to do it for them... it's like Pompeii on Plastic Beach. It's literally like they were in the middle of a meal and suddenly left, leaving their food half eaten on the table. Bizarre. Like they were literally in the studio, in the middle of coding it when EMI phoned and said "go home guys, it's over".

(Previously covered on G-U but somewhat related, artist Glyn Dillon's blog post with some unused Beach Site pictures here.

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