December 22nd, 2010

Brisbane Entertainment Centre / Auckland Vector Arena

Gorillaz played their final two scheduled shows on their world tour.

On the 19th December they played Brisbane Entertainment Centre. No pro reviews in for this one yet - if you find any, let us know.

On the 21st December they played Auckland's Vector Arena. Some glowing pro reviews:- 3 News | | NZ Herald

If you were at either show or find some good media from either one, as ever let us know in the comments.

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Gorillaz to play no further shows this Phase?

There are growing indications that Gorillaz may play no further shows this Phase (and thus for the forseeable future).

In an interview with 3 News in Australia before the New Zealand show, (see previous Gorillaz-Unofficial news item) Damon said of the New Zealand show "It will be our very last gig.. I'd like to go out with a bang"

At the New Zealand show, Damon said "“For us, this is the last time… you know, we all hope and pray on this stage that all the people who work with us that we will get a chance to work together as a collective again. We may never do that again, so for us tonight is a very charged moment.” (more coverage on ConsequenceOfSound here including video).

Back in early November we reported here that Gorillaz were looking to play festivals in 2011, even further back in 2010 there were rumours that Gorillaz would return to the USA for further shows in 2011, as well as playing further festival shows. It seems that plans (which were not 100% definite in the first place) have changed, and this may be down to various circumstances including Damon and Jamie's opera being put back to 2011 from 2012 (meaning a lot of work for them on that in the first half of 2011) and (possibly related to the decision to move the opera in the first place) relatively disappointing sales of Plastic Beach and Doncamatic - ultimately resulting in a curtailed Phase 3. It's not known what Gorillaz activity there will be in 2011, if any, aside from a promised physical release of The Fall.

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