December 17th, 2010

Sydney Entertainment Center, Sydney, 16 December

We're a bit late posting this one ( ~PlasticFeast~ writes: "Shouldn't you mention the Sydney concert? I was there & it was the greatest thing I've seen in my life..." ) but Gorillaz played a show at the Sydney Entertainment Center on 16 December.

As ever, if you were there, or you've found a review or some content from someone who was, post it in the comments.

There's a brief positive review from Sydney's Daily Telegraph here, and there are some nice photos on here.

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The Fall to be given to Sub Division only? Comment in Hong Kong publication + NME news item (update_

meredith_yang sends in some news from a recently-published interview with Damon and Jamie in Hong Kong: "Well, from what I've recently read of the interview they [Damon and Jamie] did in Hong Kong (written in Chinese), it is noted that the iPad album will be free to download for fanclub members only. So I'm kinda bewildered why it's never clarified in any English interviews. Either way I guess some people are gonna feel cheated on Christmas Day..."

Damon and Jamie have not referred to the fanclub when talking about the ipad/tour album on the Australia (now officially titled 'The Fall') leading much of the world's media to conclude that The Fall will be free to all on Christmas Day. However, in addition to this report from Hong Kong, states in at least three places that Sub Division members will receive a much superior gift on Christmas day compared to what non-members will get.

UPDATE: 18/12/10 13:30:- Droid points out that an NME news item on their site here that the album will be for download to fanclub members only. Further anonymous people in the comments note that The Independent here and Spinner here claim it will be fanclub only.

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