December 15th, 2010

Tour/ipad album to be called 'The Fall' / Triple J interview and session, official mp3

Damon and some other members of the Gorillaz band appeared on Australian radio station Triple J a few hours ago. Damon was interviewed and there were also stripped-down session versions of To Binge (featuring Yukimi), On Melancholy Hill and Rhinestone Eyes played.

Most notably in the interview, Damon announced that the tour/ipad album, which is to be given away free at Christmas (again, no mention from Damon of Sub Division) will be called 'The Fall' (to tie in with the fact that they recorded it in America in the Fall (Autumn)). (He also said he had considered 'October' but that's already the name of a U2 album).

There was also this exchange, which seems to confirm our suspicions on hearing that the John Dee Opera has been put back to 2011 (from 2012) necessitating a lot of hard work from Damon and Jamie in the first half of next year:-
"Presenter: Damon I did want to ask you something. What does the new year hold for Gorillaz then, Damon?
Damon: Er, well I'm putting it back in the box for a while. Just putting it back on the shelf.
Present: Ah. Taking a bit of time?
Damon: I've got other stuff."

There are some pictures on the Triple J site here.

dq sends a link to an mp3 provided on the Triple J site - here. This includes both the interview and the music.

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New Jamie video interview / some other new video content

New Zealand tv station 3 News caught up with Gorillaz in Perth and there's quite a bit of new video content available to view on their site.

The highlight is probably a new 11-minute video of Jamie here.
There's a short piece on Damon here with some new video interview clips here
There's a corresponding piece for Jamie, drawing on the full interview, here
There's a video of On Melancholy Hill live in Perth here and a video of Stylo live in Perth here (the live videos are one camera only, but still pretty good quality)

In the main interview, Jamie says (echoing Damon's comments below) that Gorillaz is now nearing the end of a cycle, and it would be foolish to think of what could come after that because they're so exhausted by it all. He does speak positively about the possibility that they might think of a new idea, some time along the line, with which to launch a new Gorillaz phase.

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