December 13th, 2010

Advent Calendar catch-up 11th, 12th, 13th

For those of you (probably not many!) who haven't been following the advent calender over the last few days....

The 11th present was a second wallpaper from the Rhinestone Eyes storyboard. Check it out here
The 12th present was another mysterious photo. Check it out here
The 13th present was a 39 second on-tour video from the Detroit Fox Theater, with Murdoc commentary. Check it out here

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Rumour: Paul Simonon admitted to Sydney hospital (UPDATES: repsonse from Gorillaz PR, promoter)

Thanks to Anonymous for sending in the news - we want to stress that that we have NOT had any inside info on this one - is reporting that "Time Out Sydney reports that they have it on “good authority from a trusted source” that Simonon was admitted to St. Vincent’s Hospital earlier today (Dec 13) with a suspected stroke." A cursory look at the Time Out Sydney website doesn't turn up the supposed original article (if you find it, add it in the comments and we'll get it up here). We should stress that at this time it appears are the only ones reporting this story. The article also claims that they ( asked Sydney St.Vincent's hospital about the story and were told that "there had not been any admissions fitting Simonon’s description".

Check out the story here.

UPDATE 18:57GMT:- tutjeplok writes: "Gorillaz PR have denied it, appearantly. But I don't know if Paul is in the hospital, he could be in the hospital for something else, not a stroke". Check out the NME news item here in which NME state that a Gorillaz spokesperson has told them that Paul is "fine".

UPDATE 23:45GMT:- Undercover has updated its story to include a report from the tour promoter. The relevant quote in full:- " Paul was not feeling well yesterday and went to a hospital in Sydney to be checked out but all was okay and he went back to his hotel in the early evening of last night. “He was with doctors for a couple of hours,” a spokesperson from the promoters office tells, “The story has been blown out of proportion. He wasn’t feeling well, saw the doctor but nothing was wrong”. The Gorillaz shows in Australia will not be affected. “The shows are going ahead as planned,” she says." Read the updated report here on

If you have any further information on this story, contact us on , or add a comment below.

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