December 8th, 2010

'Gorillaz ending after tour' stories in media / John Dee opera to premiere in 2011 apparently

Many of you have written in sending in links to one of the many 'Gorillaz may break up after the current tour' stories that are popping up all over the place.

The one on here appears to have been the first (dated 6th December), but Google lists at least 30 English sites now carrying the story (that's not consider websites in other languages - and there are plenty of those talking about the story too).

All the stories are based on comments from the Sydney Morning Herald interview that was posted on Gorillaz-Unofficial on 2nd December. (news item is here, the Sydney Morning Herald interview itself is here ).

Reading the interview again gives some context to the quotes being used by the other sites in their cut-and-paste 'Gorillaz are going to end' pieces.

In possibly related news, it was stated today in an official press release related to the 2012 Olympic arts festival that Damon and Jamie's opera about English alchemist John Dee, always slated to be their next major project after Gorillaz Phase 3 since mid 2009, will premiere at Manchester International Festival 2011, and will go on to be performed at the Olympics art festival in London in 2012. Previously, in an interview with Q magazine (released 30 September, previous G-U news item here) Damon had said it had been put back to 2012 so they would have more time to prepare it. So it seems, assuming today's press release is correct, that between August and December it was put back to 2011 (there could be several reasons for this, including avoiding Arts budget cuts, and to let the project pick up Olympic funding as well as MIF funding - though nothing has been stated at this time). If the press release is accurate, then, this could mean a very busy first half of 2011 for Damon and Jamie that might not allow much time for Gorillaz activities. Finally, the press release also said that Rufus Norris (a director) is working on the project, presumably as director, and that the full details of the project will be released when the Manchester International Festival 2011 program launches in March 2011.

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'On the road' album to be "given away free to fans via on Christmas day"

Eron sends the news that, in an interview with The West Australian, Damon has revealed that the album that he recorded on the road during the North American tour will be 'given away free to fans via the Gorillaz website on Christmas Day'. The full quote is:-

"Albarn revealed he finished a new album on the road, which will be given away free to fans via the Gorillaz website on Christmas Day. "It's a way of thanking everyone who supported us and it's a chance to get the music out without all that paraphernalia and process."

You can check out the full story from The West Australian here. Many fans had already predicted that the Gorillaz advent calendar would feature the tour record on its last day, perhaps only for Gorillaz' fanclub Sub Division, after stated that the Sub Division present for the last day would be 'incredibly generous' - and the fact that Damon had repeatedly insisted in interviews that he wanted the tour record out somehow by Christmas, but no alternative method of release had been announced. It's not yet known whether the album will only be available to Sub Division. What is known (as stated on is that Sub Division will receive a superior additional present on the 25th, compared to what non-Sub-Divisioners will get.

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Where Are Gorillaz? Scavenger Hunt

Bananajunky sends the news that Gorillaz have launched an online scavenger hunt. The aim is to find 12 images round the web, that match the silhouettes on the site here:- . When you find an image, click on it, and the image will be filled in for you on the site (Gorillaz-Unofficial doesn't know much about web technology - presumably it uses cookies or something to record which you have found). It is stated that if you find all 12 images, you will unlock a new remix, and also be entered to win a Gorillaz surfboard (the 3rd of these that they have given away now).

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New video for a song from the ipad/tour album out 24 December / New Damon and Jamie interview

Rust sends a link to a new interview from Perth Now with Damon and Jamie from the Autralian tour (sounds like they are enjoying it down there, though the weather hasn't been as great as they expected). The key new bit of info revealed (by Jamie) is that on Christmas Eve "a video for one of the new songs on the iPad album will be released.". (Then, on Christmas Day, as previously reported "fans get the whole album downloaded to their computer for free as a gift."). It's still not known whether the album will be available only to Sub Division (the Gorillaz fanclub), or to all fans. Damon and Jamie's comments may suggest that it will be generally available, however stated that Sub Division would get a extra special present on Christmas Day. You can read the full interview here.

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