December 7th, 2010

Evangelist contest/competition Week 4 results / semi final voting

The create-the-Evangelist contest/competition has entered the semi-final stage. If you missed the week 4 winners, you can see them here.

After 4 weeks of voting in which 12 entries were chose each week, now the final 12 will be decided from these 48, by public vote (Jamie will then pick a winner from the final 12). Check out the semi-final entries and cast a vote here:-

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Burswood Dome, Perth, Australia, 6 December

Gorillaz played a show at the Burswood Dome in Perth on 6 December.

Gravity sends the setlist:- Orchestral Intro / Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach / Last Living Souls / 19-2000 / Stylo / On Melancholy Hill / Rhinestone Eyes / Superfast Jellyfish / Tomorrow Comes Today / Empire Ants / Broken / Dirty Harry / El Manana / White Flag / To Binge / DARE / Glitter Freeze / Punk / Plastic Beach // Cloud Of Unknowing / Feel Good Inc. / Clint Eastwood / Don't Get Lost in Heaven / Demon Days

If you have any comments or reviews to make about the show, you can add them in the comments below. Also feel free to link to any videos, media, reviews, etc you come across, even if you weren't at the show.

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