December 1st, 2010

Damon and Jamie 30 minute interview with Q TV about Gorillaz - on Youtube

Damon and Jamie dropped in to Q TV's studio whilst in Canada, and a half-hour video of them being interviewed has just been uploaded to Youtube (thanks orion70 for sending this in). Check it out here.

Previously we saw Damon and Jamie on QTV promoting Monkey in 2008 (here) when, hilariously, they looked completely bored of the presenter's intro to the segment.

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Blackbird4 writes in:-

"Greetings! Gorillaz's little elves have been busy preparing a daily feast of Gorillaz gift ephemera for your jolly enjoyment!"
"Sub Division members get extra special cool stuff!"

Day 1 was a video of a soundcheck, with Murdoc's commentary on Youtube here.
Day 2 is a selection of download-and-print high quality images with which to make Gorillaz masks, check them out on here.

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