November 21st, 2010

Rhinestone Eyes video cancelled - EMI refuse to finance video

Gorillaz-Unofficial has received word from a trusted source that the Rhinestone Eyes video has been cancelled. (Many fans had predicted this since the announcement of Doncamatic at least, and more after the storyboard of Rhinestone Eyes was released, but this is the first reliable word on the issue we have had from inside the Gorillaz camp).

Rhinestone Eyes was intended to be the next single off Plastic Beach after On Melancholy Hill, and storyboarding began even before the On Melancholy Hill video was officially released. In interviews this year Jamie had indicated that the videos would form a continuous story (including, in particular, the interview with Time Out Beirut in which he said it was intended the story would play out over 'four or five' videos). Rhinestone Eyes was already being promoted in the USA from early June via Gorillaz official promo partners All Access and promo CDs had been pressed and circulated. However, before the video went into production EMI indicated to Gorillaz that they would not fund it. This was probably down to poor chart performance of Stylo and On Melancholy Hill, and a lack of backing for Rhinestone Eyes. Plastic Beach itself has, even considering the overall downturn in music sales over the last 10 years, performed poorly commercially in comparison with the s/t album and Demon Days. (although it has sold around 265,600 copies in the UK, 351,179 copies in the USA, and well over 1 million copies worldwide).

Ultimately, the Rhinestone Eyes storyboard was tidied up and used as live visuals and a new single Doncamatic was picked instead.

If we get any more information related to this story we'll let you know.

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