November 20th, 2010

Doncamatic single starts to ship - pictures - single out properly on Monday

Gorillaz' new single Doncamatic is officially released in the UK on Monday (22nd October). Release dates may differ slightly elsewhere, but physical formats are only being released in the UK. Below you can see pictures of the two formats - 2-track CD and 2-track 7" (thanks Gibbo for the pics, and thanks everyone else who also sent pictures!). Pictured also is the free poster which is exclusive to, in the exclusive pre-order bundle. If you want to get the pre-order bundle (price £4 plus shipping) order soon as it will no longer be available from Monday). ( listing on here.

Gorillaz have also backed Gorillaz fan Droid's Facebook group aiming to get Doncamatic to #1 in the UK so there's never been a better time to join - check it out here:-

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Gorillaz in Radio 1's Live Lounge (updated with videos)

Gorillaz are going to be on Radio 1's Live Lounge show, at 3pm today (about 70 minutes from the time of this post). They will play Doncamatic and a cover song.

You can listen live online here:-

Videos of the tracks played (Doncamatic and a cover of the band The xx's Crystalised, as well as an acoustic On Melancholy Hill which was not played on the radio):- (maybe only available in the UK only. Some pictures of the session also available at that link).

As shown in the pics and on the videos, only Damon, Jess, Mike and Daley were at the session, of the Gorillaz band.

UPDATE: Radio show is now over! Someone's put the videos on Youtube. Crystalised on Youtube here, Doncamatic here, On Melancholy Hill here Thanks to: .

Download an mp3 of the interview here (Interview only, no music).

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