November 17th, 2010

Emma Watson likes Gorillaz

The Scottish Herald published an interview with Emma Watson (actress of Harry Potter films fame) a couple of days ago, in which she declared herself thoroughly impressed with Gorillaz' Glastonbury performance: "“It’s the first time I’ve seen all the [animated] stuff on screens in the way that they do it. I thought it was brilliant.”. Check out the full article on the Herald website here. Emma was also at Blur's concert at Goldsmith's College in 2009.

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New short audio interview with Damon - reveals the beach that inspired Plastic Beach

jezabella sends the news that Damon appeared on BBC Radio 4's today show a couple of days ago, and talked about Gorillaz, amongst other things. Of particular note is that Damon revealed that the beach that inspired Plastic Beach (that he saw plastic on, while he was on holiday/vacation with Jamie) was Hallsands in Devon ( Hallsands on Wikipedia here ). You can listen to the radio show again here for another five days from the date of this news item. The Damon part stands around 2 hours 22 minutes in (thanks Anonymous!)

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