November 12th, 2010

Plastic Beach app has more augmented features added for London O2 shows

Droid sends the news that Music Week are reporting here that the Gorillaz Plastic Beach app is being updated with more 'augmented reality' functionality for the London O2 Arena shows. People attending the show will be able to use their iphones to see 3D models, go backstage and unlock hidden content such as submarines, pirate ships and Plastic Beach itself. "Additional augmented reality layers will also allow users to look through their camera's viewfinder to see the band's dressing room and unlock other video content.

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Engelbert Humperdink would have liked to collaborate with Gorillaz - and would still like to now

meredith_yang sends the news that the website caught up with singer Engelbert Humperdink and asked him about the stories (revealed by Damon and Jamie during previous Phase 3 interviews) about him turning down the offer of working on a Gorillaz collaboration. Humperdink is quoted as saying: “It hurt me badly. It hurt my reputation. I wouldn’t do a thing like that. The Gorillaz? My God! I would jump on it like a ton of bricks. I’d really like to rekindle that suggestion again and bring it back. Hopefully they will ask me again.”. He says his previous manager turned down the offer without telling him.

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