November 11th, 2010

New Jamie interview with Ripitup

Meredith_Yang sends the news that website Ripitup have a new interview with Jamie. There are a lot of interesting new comments, including an explanation of how they got Bruce Willis involved with Stylo (Bruce went to see Monkey, Damon and Jamie's Chinese opera, during its Paris run and later the three went out partying together after the show, and they stayed in touch after that). Check out the interview on Ripitup here.

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Doncamatic added to Radio 1's A-list

Droid sends the news that Doncamatic has made it onto Radio 1's A-list, after previously being on the C-list and B-list. Radio 1 is one of the most listened-to and certainly the most influential radio station in the UK and all shows play tracks from the playlists, with more songs played from the A-list than the B-list, and so on.

Droid has also started a Facebook group to help get Doncamatic to number 1 in the UK charts - check it out / join here:-

Doncamatic is out on 22 November, you can get the 7" and CD and a free poster (all currently only officially being released in the UK at the moment) from here

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