November 9th, 2010

Support for Australian tour announced

Thanks to Gravity for sending the news that the support for Gorillaz' Australia shows has been announced (presumably the support will be the same for Hong Kong and New Zealand too, but that's not been confirmed yet). Gorillaz will be supported by Little Dragon and De La Soul on the Australian leg of the tour, as posted by Fasterlouder here. Little Dragon and De La Soul will also support in the UK and Ireland, mainland Europe support is not officially confirmed at this time.

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Gorillaz to perform live set for Canal + , broadcast 4th December

camille writes:- "Apparently, Gorillaz is going to make a live appearence during the TV show la Musical on french channel Canal +. The concert is going to be recorded on the 24th of November while Gorillaz is playing in Paris and it seems it won't be opened to public but reserved to some lucky people with connections. I was hoping there would be a sort of competition with Sub Division! The show will be broadcast on the 4th of december at 20h45. I don't know if this will be available to everyone or if we will be able to see it online later since Canal + is a private channel and you must pay to watch some of the programs. Maybe at least, we will enjoy some extracts! There are not many informations on the webpage but here it is",: Link to Canalplus site on Gorillaz."

Tylerdurden also sends the news. One media source in France has claimed the show's presenter may join the Gorillaz characters, in animated form.

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VIP package contents pictures

Many people have contacted us to let us know that VIP package goods are now starting to be sent out, so hopefully if you got a VIP ticket for the tour yours is on its way if you haven't received it yet. Icekat sends a picture of the regular VIP package contents and MelodicZombie sends a picture of the Gorillaz flip camera that came as an extra with the Camera VIP package. Other people sent pictures - thanks to all who wrote in, if you wish to share more pictures please add a comment with pictures or links to pictures.

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Gorillaz to play festivals next year, according to source

According to a source with connections to the band, Gorillaz will play further live dates next year, at festivals. No further information is available at this time but as ever, we'll bring you more as we hear it.

This information is in line with comments from Miles Leonard, UK label boss, around the time of the Plastic Beach album release, who said that the band wanted to play more of their own dates before possibly playing more festivals (although, as it happened, the band did go on to play festival dates in 2010 - Glastonbury, Roskilde, Benicassim, Coachella as regular festivals and also in Beirut as part of the Byblos International festival, though this is more of a concert series)

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