November 2nd, 2010

The Evangelist character creation competition/contest

smooreinsomniac sends the news that a new Gorillaz competition / contest has been announced on

It is a competition to design a new character called "The Evangelist", described as 'the flip-side of The Boogieman character' that has appeared in Phase 3 videos and pictures. has some description of The Evangelist but states that "His/her true appearance will be decided in this competition. All ideas, styles and imagery will be considered." Entry is via drawing your idea of The Evangelist in a web app on only. There will be four weeks of public voting where the top 12 will be chosen each week, then a 'semifinal' week where a final 12 will be chosen. Jamie will select the winning entry personally from the final 12, and the design will become the official design of The Evangelist. The winner will receive a prize pack including a signed print of Jamie's drawing based on their winning design.

Full rules and description of The Evangelist are here, and the news item and entry form is here.

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