October 27th, 2010

Lou Reed to guest during LA show

vinylmoose sends the news, from the LA Times blog here, that Lou Reed will be joining Gorillaz during their LA show at the Gibson Ampitheater on 27th October.

Miho Hatori will also join the regular list of guests, having also previously appeared, like Lou Reed, at the New York show. There are rumours, not confirmed that Daley may appear at the show to perform Doncamatic with Gorillaz.

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Dodge Theatre, Phoenix, 26 October

Gorillaz play a show last night at the Dodge Theater in Phoenix, the fifteenth on their world tour.

If you find any reviews or other content from the show, you can post them in the comments below. You can also add your own reviews and content about the show here.

Jamie is also back on the tour now, as confirmed by fans who met him last night. He had previously gone back to the UK for a while, starting from the Chicago date onwards.

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