October 12th, 2010

Interviews / press: Damon comment about Glee / Detriot News interview / WFXN mp3 interview

A brief recent press roundup:-

In an interview with the Associated Press before the Madison Square Garden show, Damon said that he wouldn't let Glee use a Gorillaz song, though he admitted they hadn't asked him. Read the comment and see a new picture of Damon here. The full Associated Press interview has not yet emerged it seems; we'll let you know when / if it does.

orion70 sends the link to a Detroit News interview piece with Damon. It's mostly stuff already covered, though he does indicate again that the tour recordings might have a slightly rough sound to them. (Gorillaz are setting up a mini recording studio at the venues they visit, so they can record on tour). Check the article out here.

Finally (also sent in by orion70) there's an article with downloadable mp3s and a new pic on the website of Boston radio station WFXN. The mp3s add up to a 12-minute interview, and there are some interesting comments included about the new single Doncamatic. Check it out and grab the mp3s here.

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