October 2nd, 2010

Gorillaz win at BT Awards - Artist of the Year, Best Artist Promotion (UPDATE: Murdoc vid)

orion70 sends the news:-

On Thursday night, Gorillaz got Artist of the Year and Best Artist Promotion awards and bassist Murdoc appeared on a video message to accept. Music Week has a full list of winners and awards here.

You can still catch highlights of the event on ITV2 in the UK on the following dates: 2nd October 2010 @ 22:45, 3rd October 2010 @ 10:20, 4th October 2010 @ 20:00 .

UPDATE 03/10/10 0:31BST:- Watch Murdoc's acceptance speech on Youtube here.

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Mos Def will be at three US dates / Lou Reed in NYC only

AJ6000 was first to send the news that in an official posting on Gorillaz.com (and in a post on their official Facebook here, Gorillaz have confirmed that Mos Def and Lou Reed will join the Gorillaz tour for selected dates.

Mos Def will also perform with Gorillaz at the tour’s October 10 stop at Camden NJ’s Susquehanna Bank Center and at the October 11 date at the Patriot Center in Washington DC, as well as at Madison Square Garden on October 8th.

Lou Reed is confirmed as appearing at Madison Square Garden NYC only.

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Murdoc's Gorillaz World Tour Diary 1

KissMyPlastique was the first to send the news that Gorillaz have posted a new video 'Murdoc's Gorillaz World Tour Diary 1' on Youtube. It features Murdoc making comments over footage of the live band rehearsing 19/2000 (Damon revealed in an interview a few days ago here that 19/2000 would feature on the tour).

Check out the video on Youtube here.

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