September 30th, 2010

Gorillaz and related news from this month's Q (UPDATE: scans added)

This month's Q magazine, out today (John Lennon cover) has a 6 page Gorillaz feature.

Some key Gorillaz news is included:-

- there's another mention of the recently-covered 'recording on tour' idea, setting up equipment at every venue so the musicians on the tour can record things when they feel like it. The result will be "some sort of Gorillaz album next year", or "something between Gorillaz and Democrazy" (Democrazy was Damon's album of recorded-on-tour demoes, released in 2003).
- there's a new Gorillaz 'single in the can' (so the article says) featuring 'Mancunian star Daley'
- there's 'about two albums' worth of leftovers from the Plastie Beach sessions pending completion' (though that has been known since the beginning of Phase 3)
- there's a 'separate project planned with Hewlett in the Congo scheduled for next summer'
- the John Dee opera that Jamie and Damon are working on will premiere at Manchester International Festival 2012, not 2011.

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