September 16th, 2010 involved in IE9 Beta launch / Murdoc's club room / Murdoc IE9 video

Thanks to Satania Niccals and orion70 with this news item:-

Internet Explorer 9 Beta was launched today with a lead conference in San Francisco at 18:30GMT, and a simultaneous event in London. (It was previously reported Gorillaz would be involved somehow with these events. We don't yet know what role Gorillaz played at the actual event - if you know, send in the information and we'll update this news item. is one of 70 websites officially involved in the 'beauty of the web' initiative, that aims to promote IE9).

Directly after the launch event was updated with a new area, Murdoc's Club Room, as well as with a link on the front page to get IE9 Beta. ( ). In the room Murdoc is there, in a new picture, and will say a few words. You can click on the pictures on the wall of Gorillaz collaborators for a little information and links. There is a new storybook there, which is a partial rewrite of the previous Phase 3 storybook but also brings the story right up to date, with writeups of the Stylo and OMH video releases, etc. There is also a demo of some HTML5 effects on Murdoc's laptop. The page also features a further demo showing how HTML5 can run various media accelerated without plugins. You can also download a Windows 7 theme. Murdoc's Club Room doesn't work completely on certain browsers and not at all on others, but you don't need IE9 to view it.

There is also a new Youtube video here of Murdoc promoting IE9 Beta. It features some new limited animation of Murdoc, and an all-new voiceover throughout the video.

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