September 15th, 2010

Murdoc-quoting Internet Explorer 9 advert

As previously reported by Gorillaz-Unofficial, Gorillaz will be involved in the Internet Explorer 9 Beta launch tomorrow (Wednesday 15th September). Gorillaz will be involved somehow in a London event that takes place at 18:30GMT, at the same time that Microsoft will be holding a conference in San Francisco.
Now comes the news that a quote from Murdoc saying that Internet Explorer 9 is "like a wizard's portal" the short flash-based web ad also features quotes about IE9 from a Softpedia writer and a PC magazine writer. The advert was spotted on MSN and you can click 'Read More' below to see screen grabs of it. In the last two days Murdoc tweeted "Just been checking out this weird wizard’s portal I found. So much stuff to look at and things look real different, kind of…mystical?" and later "Might be the rum kicking in but I swear my computer graphics are running faster. Either that or I’ve broken my sense of space & time again?" both also referring to Internet Explorer 9.

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7 audio tracks from Roskilde 'listen again' online

Gorillaz at Roskilde featured on the show 'Rokkland' on Icelandic radio station 'RAS 2' on Sunday. The first set of songs played (this about 26 minutes in) was: Orchestra Intro / Last Living Souls / Stylo / On Melancholy Hill . Later in the show Rhinestone Eyes / Dirty Harry / White Flag were played. However, the presenter does talk over parts of the tracks and the whole of Orchestral Intro. You can listen to the tracks, never before broadcast, online on demand here.

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