September 12th, 2010

Syria Today Gorillaz article

There's a new article on the Syria Today website which gives a 'behind the scenes' look at Gorillaz' recent show there. Amongst the revelations is the fact that the ticket sales barely covered the Gorillaz' 92-strong party's hotel bill, and that the rest of the costs had to be covered by the promoters. There are new pictures too. Check it out on the Syria Today website here.

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Gorillaz involved in Internet Explorer 9 Beta launch

Many websites including Neowin here are reporting that Microsoft is teaming up with Gorillaz for the launch of Internet Explorer 9 beta. In an invite sent to the media, Microsoft hinted at the collaboration with the Gorillaz. "Join us for the unveiling and celebration of Internet Explorer 9 beta where one of the world's most innovative animated bands will be showcasing Internet Explorer 9." The background image used for the invite is identical to the Gorillaz's latest album cover, Plastic Beach. The event is due to be held in London next Wednesday (September 15th) at 18:30GMT, the same time Microsoft holds a press meeting in San Francisco to unveil Internet Explorer 9 beta to the world.

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Exclusive fan interview with Junior Dan - Gorillaz' Phase One bassist, never-before-revealed facts

German Shake sends an interview he recently conducted with Junior Dan. Junior Dan is played bass on Gorillaz debut album and many of its B-Sides, and he was part of the Gorillaz' live band for many Phase One live shows. He rarely gives interviews and despite his having worked with Bob Marley and other famous Reggae artists, many fans don't know much about him or his work with Gorillaz. For a chance to learn more about the man and his many contributions to Gorillaz' crucial early days, including never-before revealed facts, click 'Read More' below. A big thanks to Junior Dan and German Shake!

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