September 9th, 2010

UK guests and support announcement + new tour trailer video

KissMyPlastique was first to send the news that Gorillaz have announced the artists that will guest on tracks during Gorillaz set on the UK tour, as well as the tour support, in an email to their mailing list and a post on the official site.

The guest lineup for the UK dates is stated to be:- De La Soul, Bobby Womack, Hypnotic Brass, Kano, Bashy, Little Dragon, Roses Gabor (aka Rosie Wilson), Bootie Brown, Shaun Ryder and Mark E Smith.

It is also stated that both De La Soul and Little Dragon will perform support sets (i.e. sets of their own material) before Gorillaz play, making the tour a 'triple bill'.

(Little Dragon previously stated they would support on the UK, Euro, HK and Australasia dates - but not the America dates. The De La Soul support slot is newly announced in this post. Back in August (see G-U post here) the provisional Australasian / HK lineup of guests was stated to be De La Soul, Bobby Womack, Bootie Brown, Little Dragon, Rosie Wilson, the Syrian National Orchestra of Arabic Music and the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. No official word on North American guests or support yet.).

There is also a new tour trailer to view on Gorillaz' official Youtube here.

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GQ scans / web exclusive photos / new art / 'orchestral version of Plastic Beach' mentioned

Scans of the latest issue of the British GQ (October 2010), out in the UK today. There is an article with comments from Damon and Jamie at Glastonbury and subsequently too, at their studios. The interview says that they have 'done' an 'orchestral version of Plastic Beach'. There are also some comments about the forthcoming opera, that is going ahead despite Alan Moore dropping out. As well as photos of Damon and Jamie, there are new pictures of Murdoc, Noodle and 2D. The magazine has three different covers (apparently, the image on the cover varies. Some copies have one image, some have another, etc) but the cover is a three-part fold out cover, so you do get the Damon-Murdoc-Jamie image even if it isn't on the actual first page of the cover of your copy. Click an image below to enlarge or click 'Read More' below to see them full size.

There are also some web-exclusive Pennie Smith photos of Gorillaz backstage at Glastonbury on GQ's site here.

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