September 5th, 2010

Little Dragon to support and guest in Europe, Australia, NZ and HK - and guesting ONLY for America

phyrodragon23 sends the news that Little Dragon have confirmed their Gorillaz tour plans on their official site, writing:-

"For the US tour in Oct we will be guesting only but we are also gleefully anticipating opening for Gorillaz in Nov & Dec all around the globe indeed!!! Be there or you know ull regret it."

Check out the news post on the official Little Dragon site here. This will be the first time any act has ever supported Gorillaz (excluding DJs).

Some clarification:-
Support = play a set of songs before Gorillaz play their set
Guest = perform 'To Binge' and 'Empire Ants' with Gorillaz, as part of the Gorillaz set.

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