August 11th, 2010

Del mentions Gorillaz in new interview

Blog managed to bag a new interview with Del The Funky Homosapien which you can read in full here. The two Gorillaz questions:-

"Q: What Happened With you being a Part of Gorillaz Escape to Plastic Beach Tour?
Del: "As far as the Gorillaz tour, I dunno. They weren't kickin in, if you smell me...and honestly I really didn't wanna go anyway, no offense to the guys at all. But I been at work on some interesting NEW musical developments that are more exciting to me and important than doin Gorillaz right now, if they don't wanna break bread. I feel I'm as important as all the other lavish crazy expenses they puttin into it. But hey, I dunno, nothin personal, I still love the OG idea of Gorillaz."

Q: Have you paid attention to anything they [Gorillaz] have done musically since you did your part on their first album in 2001? Like for instance, listening to their albums that followed their Debut?
Del: "Checking out the other Gorillaz projects? Honestly? No, but that don't mean they ain't good. It's just like I told people before: it ain't really my steez. Look, I be slapping 40 and Cam'ron half the time over here, I live in Richmond, CA, you dig? I'm not sayin I'm closed minded, but my lifestyle kinda demands more aggressive sounds. And personally music wise, to get even more evil, more funky, more aggressive sounds is my whole quest really. That's just my personality, but hey I'm the Funky homosapien for a reason."

Check out the rest of the interview on here (there's also a mention of Deltron Event II).

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