August 2nd, 2010

Picture of Gorillaz Flip camera (?) and exclusive North America tour tshirt design

Satania.Niccals sends some news about tour-related merchandise for the Gorillaz forthcoming tours:-

Firstly, at least for the North American dates, there will be an option to add a tshirt to your ticket order, for an extra $30. The tshirt has an exclusive design. ( Source).

Secondly, Ticketmaster also a picture of the Gorillaz flip video camera, which is available as part of the more expensive of the VIP packages. It's not confirmed if this is the 100% final official design, but it may be ( Pictures of the VIP litho, tshirt and laminate have been available for some time on here, as previously covered on Gorillaz-Unofficial ). ( Source).

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Del says he was going to do the North American leg, but now maybe just Oakland

Gorillaz fan BBoldt has been in touch with Del The Funky Homosapien, rapper on the album version of Clint Eastwood (through Del's official facebook here) (see a screen grab of the correspondence here). Del said that he was going to do the tour but now is not going to because 'some things changed on their end' (previously, a contact at Del's official website told another fan that the Gorillaz tour had gone through a budget revision, forcing Del's appearances to be axed). However Del said he still might play the Oakland, California date on October 30th.

Del has never performed Clint Eastwood live with Gorillaz, though he has performed it many times as part of his own live sets.

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Campaign to get Miho Hatori to perform 19/2000 with Gorillaz - sign up to the Facebook group

Backing fan campaigns isn't something Gorillaz-Unofficial has made a habit out of over the years but this one caught our eye, having a noble and realistic goal, and maybe just the outside chance of success.

Gorillaz fan darkglobe contacted Miho Hatori (guest backing vocals on many tracks on Gorillaz' debut album, including most notably 19/2000) asking if she would be willing to make a guest appearance on a date or dates of Gorillaz' North American tour (Miho is local to NYC). She replied "Yeah, I am willing to do that. I love those songs very much. But it really depends on Damon's decision... Maybe if Gorillaz fans make some noise, he might consider..."

Gorillaz fan Zedzilla has set up a Facebook group to coordinate the campaign HERE so if you are on Facebook, sign up and show your support, spread the message to other Gorillaz and music fans you know. The more people that back the campaign the more chance it has of being taken seriously!

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