July 30th, 2010

Listen to full Gorillaz in Syria concert - plus reviews, UNICEF involvement

More on Gorillaz in Damascus, Syria:-

-silent_angel- was the first to send the news that you can listen to the full concert online on the NPR site HERE, there's also a 6 minute statement from Murdoc about the gig to listen to there - and a further writeup and setlist. Well worth checking out! Listen out especially for Eslam Jawaad doing an Arabic rap on Clint Eastwood.

The Guardian newspaper also have a review of the show. recently posted here.

And finally, there's a short article here on the Unicef site about how Gorillaz allowed gave some young people in Syria the chance to photograph them at rehearsals, as part of a charity initiative.

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New Sub Division email - Stylo car cancelled,statement from Jamie - Murdoc speaks on cancelled dates

Jordan was the first to write in with the news that a new email has gone out to Subdivision members.

In the email it is announced that the Stylo car is cancelled. Members who signed up during the period when the car was announced will get an exclusive lithograph. Jamie explains why the car ended up getting cancelled despite Gorillaz' best efforts.

Also included in the email is a statement from Murdoc about the cancelled and rescheduled European tourdates. UPDATE 31/07/10:- Murdoc's message has now also been posted on Gorillaz' Official Facebook page here.

You can read the full text of the email by clicking 'Read More' below.

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