July 26th, 2010

Damascus Citadel, Damascus, Syria

Gorillaz played a gig tonight at Damascus' Citadel, in Syria.

Check out three pictures of the show here (click the back arrow to see the other two) (thanks orion for the link)

There is a report from Radio 1 here including pictures of Damon, Paul, Bashy and Kano at the news conference, and comments from them.

You can add any further links, reports or reviews in the comments. We'll try and add further content here as it becomes available. There are restrictions on Youtube and some other social networking sites in Syria, which may affect the amount of content available.

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Round-up of celebrity Gorillaz mentions

A round-up of a few Gorillaz namechecks sent in to us over the last couple of weeks...

Benjamin sends the news that John Lydon (who previously revealed he had turned down a request by Gorillaz for a guest appearances) said of Gorillaz during an interview at Benicassim festival:- "I really don't wanna talk about shit like the Gorillaz, you know what I mean? Come on, I'm the originator – don't toss us with that.". NME.com has the video of the interview here.

Rapper T.I. praised Gorillaz, picking them out as one of his current musical favourites. He said "I dig the Gorillaz. I didn't listen to their whole album, but all the shit that comes out I fuck with; I dig the movement and the whole idea of it. I think the shit is creative.". Check out the full T.I. interview with Complex magazine here.

Finally, Bryan O'Malley, Scott Pilgrim artist picked out Gorillaz' Plastic Beach as one of the albums that helped him get through the making of Volume 6 of Scott Pilgrim. delicious.noodle was the first to send in the news, and whatsnextgorillaz sends in a scan of the page in Volume 6 where Plastic Beach is mentioned, here.

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Escape To Plastic Beach iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad app out now

We reported a while ago that level 3 of Gorillaz' Escape To Plastic Beach game was coming to the iPhone / iPod Touch, and swift_gorilla was the first to send in the news that the game is now available on the iTunes store. There is also an ipad version available. Prices vary around the world, in the UK it is priced at £1.19.

If you want to check out what it looks like on the iPad, Youtube user stuartdredge has a video of it here.

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Damon comments on Gorillaz' Glastonbury set

Groaning sends the news that Damon has commented a bit about Gorillaz' Glastonbury set. He was speaking to Radio 1's Newsbeat, which sent a correspondent to Syria to interview him. It's the first time he has commented on the set, which faced criticism from some media outlets for not being ideal for a headlining slot at Glastonbury (however, several others said it was exactly what Glastonbury needed). For the full article, check out the Radio 1 site here.

Damon comments:- "We were yet to change the dynamic entirely from the cartoon band acting purely as a film orchestra into something that had more of a human element to it. Basically, the difference between that and the next gig we did at Roskilde which was the same sized audience, same age demographic, was I just communicated with the audience more. I introduced Bobby Womack, introduced Lou Reed, introduced anyone. I didn't take for granted that if these people were going to be at the front then there had to be some kind of human interaction. It evolved into something with more human interaction. I know what people were reacting to."

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