July 25th, 2010

Possible update on Plastic Beach vinyl release

We reported a few days ago here that several online stores were listing a release date for a vinyl edition of Plastic Beach (which appears to be a 'vanilla' edition - no extras - over two LPs). Now nirniva writes in to say that the stores have pushed back their stated release dates, with September 13th the stated release for the UK on Parlophone, and September 14th the release for the US, on Virgin Records. Check out the original news item, linked above, for links to stores that are listing the Plastic Beach vinyl edition.

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On Melancholy Hill iTunes LP - out now in many iTunes stores, coming soon in others / Adam Gale blog

The On Melancholy Hill iTunes LP is out now in many iTunes stores worldwide, and will bec coming to them all over the next few days. In some countries at least, it's quite attractively prices (e.g. UK £1.99). It features On Melancholy Hill in audio and video, two remixes of On Melancholy Hill (Japanese Popstars and She Is Danger), the Labrinth SNES remix of Stylo featuring Tinie Tempah, the animatic video for On Melancholy Hill, and the Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach live visuals. There's also a snazzy 'iTunes LP' interface. Benjamin sends the following pictures:-

In related news, illustrator Adam Gale contributed some submarine designs to the video and now he's blogged about it with some concept art. Check it all out on his blog here.

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