July 17th, 2010

News of a first 'Rhinestone Eyes' official remix

An article on the site top-40-charts here, about Dutch acts appearing at this year's UK Creamfields festival, contains the news of a forthcoming officially-commissioned remix of Rhinestone Eyes from Dutch act Boemklatsch. The article says:- "Boemklatsch has been asked by Gorillaz to create an official remix from their track 'Rhinestone Eyes' after they produced a couple of well received remixes for C-Mon & Kypski, Stars & Sons, Baskerville and Shameboy. The lads are producing between gigs to guarantee the release of this remix in August and you can hear it at Creamfields!".

It may be too early to say that this remix will get official approval from Gorillaz and so become 'official', but it seems that remixes for Rhinestone Eyes are currently being commissioned, which in turn strongly indicates that Rhinestone Eyes will be the next single ( which seemed likely after news broke of a limited number of official promo CDs circulating for it, and a note on an All Access site (original story here) that it would be being promoted to radio).

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Rescheduling of Gorillaz European dates

Some, possibly all, of Gorillaz 4 mainland Europe live dates have been rescheduled.

Berlin ticket holders have been notified by email that the Berlin date has been moved from 17th November to 21st November.

It is being reported in several places that the Paris show has been put back from 14th November to 23rd November. (example of a report on that here.

No news yet on Amsterdam (originally scheduled to take place on 15th November) and Milan (originally scheduled to take place on 19th November) but it seems likely these may change too.

There has been no official news about this on Gorillaz.com yet, but the email to Berlin ticket holders did come from the official ticket sales source. More news on this one as we get it.

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