July 6th, 2010

(Some of) Time Out Beirut article online now

As previously reported, (here) the magazine Time Out Beirut has an exclusive Gorillaz image on its front cover an exclusive interview with Damon and Jamie in its July issue, out now (but only officially available to buy in Lebanon). The coverage is to tie-in with Gorillaz' live dates in Lebanon and Syria. Now Time Out Beirut have uploaded some (but not all) of the Damon and Jamie interview article to their website, and you can check it out here.

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Rumour of Gorillaz playing live in Mexico in August

Our friends over at gorillazmxla are reporting that some media outlets in Mexico are saying that Gorillaz will play in Mexico in August in the National Auditorium as part of an MTV World Stage series of live concerts. Reportedly tickets will not be available to buy, but only available in competitions and giveaways. Check out an example of one of the reports at somosfans.com here.

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