June 24th, 2010

Shakira, Scissor Sisters looking forward to seeing Gorillaz at Glastonbury

Shakira and the Scissor Sisters have recently mentioned in recent interviews that one of the acts they are particularly looking forward to seeing at Glastonbury is Gorillaz.

According to Digital Spy here, Shakira said "'I love Gorillaz. And Muse. That's some of my favourite bands for sure."

According to Spinner here, Jake Shears of the Scissors Sisters said "I think Gorillaz will be brilliant. I'm a big fan of theirs. 'Dare' is one of my all-time favourites, that's the one song I wish I'd written. Ana (Matronic) is a huge Shaun Ryder fan too."

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Damon and Jamie interviews on Radio 4 and 6Music; - transcript, links, video

jezabella was first to send the news; on Tuesday, Damon and Jamie gave interviews to BBC Radio 4 and BBC 6Music.

The Radio 4 interview was broadcast yesterday. You can 'listen again' to the whole thing here. You can also watch a brief (bonus question) video on Youtube here. You can read a full transcript of both audio and video by clicking 'Read More' below.

The 6Music interview has not been broadcast on the radio at this time, but a video clip of part of it is available on Youtube here. You can read a transcript of this by clicking 'Read More' below.

Perhaps the most interesting comment in the interviews, one which has been picked up by the wider press, is that Gorillaz expect to have ALL the guests that appear on the Plastic Beach album appearing onstage at Glastonbury, as well as Bootie Brown and Shaun Ryder

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Noodle-influenced item on Gaia Online

Gorillaz-Unofficial has to confess to not knowing much about Gaia Online... but it must be popular with some Gorillaz fans out there because no less than 6 of you sent in this story (okay, you've convinced us, we'll post it). noodlenutter was the first to send the news, writing "The RPG site "gaia online" has released a Dare themed item featuring a noodle styled outfit, noodles hair from phase 2, and her headphones from phase 1. It is called "Yakisoba Dare" and its item information is "It's coming up. It's coming up." and it can be found here."

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'Gorillaz: The Story So Far' video released

Gorillaz have released a video called 'The Story So Far' through several websites worldwide. Many of you wrote in with this story but tormentor8888 was the very first to send it in. The video is a compilation of all 5 Gorillaz idents, the O2 Priority Walk video, the Stylo and On Melancholy Hill video and a few other (previously released) bits and pieces. Murdoc narrates throughout, this is also mostly re-used dialogue of him telling the story of Plastic Beach so far. Nevertheless it's well put together and worth a look to see all the idents come together to tell the story. This video was shown at the On Melancholy Hill press screening.
You can check out the video on many sites online, for example on the Guardian website here.

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Damon and Jamie on XFM (video)

Along with the Radio 4 and 6 Music appearances Damon and Jamie made this week (see the news item posted this morning), they made another UK radio appearance on XFM to talk to Dave Berry on his breakfast show.

You can watch the video on the XFM site here. Transcript to follow shortly, watch this space.

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Glastonbury rehearsal, Black Island Studios

This afternoon Gorillaz played a Glastonbury rehearsal show at Black Island Studios (Studio 6) in London, to Sub Division competition winners and guests. The rehearsal began slightly after the scheduled 2pm start and lasted for just over an hour and a half. Visuals were shown on two regular-sized HDTVs at the front of the stage. The Gorillaz stage letters did not light up.

Setlist:- Orchestral Intro / Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach / Last Living Souls / Kids With Guns / O Green World / Stylo / On Melancholy Hill / Rhinestone Eyes / Broken / Empire Ants / Dirty Harry / White Flag / Superfast Jellyfish / DARE / Glitter Freeze / Some Kind Of Nature / El Manana / Cloud Of Unknowing / Pirate Jet // Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head / To Binge / Feel Good Inc / Clint Eastwood

  • Mark E Smith and Lou Reed appeared for their songs for the first time. Kano, Bashy, the Syrian National Orchestra, Shaun Ryder, Rosie Wilson, 2 of De La Soul, Bootie Brown Bobby Womack were also present. Snoop Dogg, Little Dragon , Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Gruff Rhys, Maseo from De La Soul and Mos Def were not present (Bootie did Mos's rap in Stylo). Gorillaz-Unofficial can confirm Mos Def will not be appearing at Glastonbury.
  • Eslam Jawaad (who previously collaborated with Damon on the The Good, The Bad & The Queen project) did an Arabic rap in Clint Eastwood. The actual setlist for the show said that 'Snoop' would be rapping on Clint Eastwood; and Elsam indicated to Gorillaz-Unofficial after the show that he may not perform a rap on Clint Eastwood at Glastonbury.
  • Mark E Smith recited a lot more lyrics for Glitter Freeze than are in the album version, repeating many of his phrases (some of the phrases came from the Alternate Version). He was clutching a piece of paper with lyrics on, and spoke through most of the song.
  • Lou Reed got the biggest cheer of the afternoon. He played a guitar with lots of feedback, doing a feedback-drenched solo towards the end of the song.
  • The Russel ident was due to be played after Kids With Guns, (there was sound heard but no video), the Cyborg Noodle ident played before the encore, and the Real Noodle ident before On Melancholy Hill.
  • On Melancholy Hill's visuals were the finished video, for the first time.
  • Pirate Jet was performed live for the first time. It was extended compared to the album version, getting louder at the point where the album version ends, then returning with a quieter part (instruments down lower, with Damon singing at regular volume) before finishing with another loud section. Visuals showed undersea creatures and habitats, many affected by pollution, plastic waste, fish dying caughts in nets, etc.
  • Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head visuals were a mix of clips from the Dennis Hopper movie 'Easy Rider'. At the end of the song, a still photo with the caption Dennis Hopper 'May 17, 1936 - May 29, 2010' was shown.
  • Before Clint Eastwood, Damon made a sound like a vuvuzela with his melodica, saying with a laugh "I had a vuvuzela before anyone... except it's got lots of notes."

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