June 21st, 2010

Stage times for Benicassim and Roskilde

Borisu writes with information about Gorillaz' apppearance at Benicassim festival in Spain:-

The schedule for Benicassim Festival has been released and Gorillaz will start his concert at 01:00 dawn local time at the main stage (Escenario Verde) [on the last day of the festival, technically in the early hours of Monday morning July 19th]. The last year the festival streamed the audio of the concerts, so I guess this year they will do the same"

And an anonymous person sends the news that Gorillaz will play at 22:00 local time at Roskilde Festival in Denmark, on 1st July.

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Some information about the BBC Glastonbury broadcast

Droid writes:-

"I have some details about the BBC coverage of Glastonbury regarding the Gorillaz on the 25th June. First of all there is a programme on at 22:00 to 22:30 there is a slot for Gorillaz at Glastonbury, which seems to suggest that there will be a thirty minute live stream. Source.

"Secondly, at 23:00 until 02:00 on BBC 2 there is a Gorillaz and Day 1 highlights show". Source.

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