June 15th, 2010

Date and time of Sub Division Glastonbury rehearsal announced, entry details

mic_soldier and JaHawk2009 were both quick to send the news that an email has just gone out to Gorillaz Sub Division giving more details about the previously-announced Glastonbury rehearsal show. The show will take place on Thursday 24 June (next week) from 14:00-15:30BST at a secret location in London. Sub Division has 40 pairs of tickets to give away. Sub Division members can find details of how to enter the competition in the email.

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On Melancholy Hill tops UK and US iTunes video charts / final iTunes digital package info

At the time of posting, the On Melancholy Hill video is at #1 in both the UK and US iTunes store video charts (in the US charts, it's currently in a fierce battle with Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro'). The video has also topped the iTunes video chart in Ireland and is #2 in Canada and Australia and #3 in Japan. If you have iTunes store chart information for your country, let us know in the comments.

And in other On Melancholy Hill news, as previously reported on Gorillaz-Unofficial, a digital download package of the single is due to be released on iTunes on 26 July, badninja was the first to send the news that Gorillaz have clarified the exact contents of this package in their latest mailout that went out today. The full contents are as follows:- 1. On Melancholy Hill / 2. On Melancholy Hill (Japanese Popstars Remix) / 3. On Melancholy Hill (She Is Danger remix) / 4. Stylo (Labrinth Remix feat. Tinie Tempah) / 5. On Melancholy Hill (Video) / 6. On Melancholy Hill (Animatic) / 7. Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach (Live Visuals), and it will come packaged in the 'iTunes LP' format.

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