June 14th, 2010

On Melancholy Hill second press screening

Droidsystem sends the news that after last week's On Melancholy Hill video press screening in London, there will be another such screening this week on the 15th June, again in London. Just like last time, two pairs of tickets will be given away to Gorillaz Sub Division members. Members should check their email or log in to the members area to view the information on how to enter to win.

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Stylo (Tong & Rogers Remix) to get release on Pete Tong mix album

The Tong & Rogers Remix of Stylo got its first (and possibly only?) radio play back in February (Gorillaz-Unofficial reported on it here) and now the track is to get an official release on a Pete Tong remix album - with Damon having approved the remix in order to make this possible. The song is to get a release on his album 'Wonderland 2010' which is a mix album (the tracks are mixed together and follow on from one another) and it's out today. Interestingly the version played on the radio features some different parts to the version on the album, although the radio version is shorter, indicating that the full, unmixed, standalone track Stylo (Tong & Rogers Remix), if it exists in a finished self-contained form, has not yet been released. Check out an article about the album here where Tong talks about his love for Damon's music, and as a bonus here's a short interview with Tong from the Metro newspaper last week here, where he says Empire Ants is one of his top songs on his ipod at the moment.

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Alan Moore pulls out of Damon+Jamie opera project / Gorillaz not going to appear in fanzine

(thanks to J-Bo for first sending in this news). Gorillaz-Unofficial reported back in October (here) that Alan Moore (writer of The Watchmen and V For Vendetta) had said that he would be working with Damon and Jamie on their next project after Gorillaz, an opera. He also said Gorillaz would appear in the next issue of his fanzine, Dodgem Logic. Damon and Jamie subsequently also spoke of currently working on the opera in interviews. Now Moore has said, in an interview at a panel at the University of Northampton, that he has pulled out of the project, apparently because of being generally upset at not being given a contract despite all the extensive work he was asked to do, and because Gorillaz were too busy to contribute to his fanzine despite having said they would do so. You can see the video interview with Moore, plus a transcript of the interview, which reveals more about the opera, on io9.com here.

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Listen again to Gorillaz World Cafe / bonus Clint session track / US tour 'October' / transcript

Last week Gorillaz-Unofficial reported that Gorillaz were set to appear on an edition of NPR's 'World Cafe'. Damon and Jamie were interviewed as part of the session, which was recorded while Gorillaz were doing promo in the US after Coachella, and Rhinestone Eyes, On Melancholy Hill and Stylo live sessions were broadcast. Another song, Clint Eastwood was recorded in session but not broadcast. You can now listen to all 4 songs (including the web-only Clint Eastwood) and hear the interview on the NPR archive page here. You can also read a transcript of the interview by clicking 'Read More' below.

Of note in the interview is that Damon and Jamie say that the US tour will take place in 'October', although this hasn't been officially independently confirmed at this time.

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On Melancholy Hill video leaks

The On Melancholy Hill video has leaked to the web (the first report sent in to Gorillaz-Unofficial was dated 3:30am GMT this morning).

UPDATE: Please don't post links to copies of the videos in the comments, they will be deleted, and ultimately comments will unfortunately be disabled temporarily if it continues.

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On Melancholy Hill video available on iTunes / news of OMH iTunes EP (UPDATED)

UPDATE 15/06/10:- The On Melancholy Hill video is available on all iTunes stores worldwide (thanks to Justintime and Faye for being the first to send the news). Despite some other sites linking to streaming video or downloads of the video, iTunes remains the only legal place to get or view the video at the moment. And the video has been doing well in the iTunes video charts around the world, the top position so far being #2 in the UK iTunes video charts.

Several people have sent in news that On Melancholy Hill video is starting to become available on iTunes stores worldwide. We have confirmed reports of the video being available now in the UK and Australia stores, and if it's not available in the other iTunes stores yet, it probably soon will be. The video is reportedly currently priced at the price usually charged for songs on iTunes (i.e. cheaper than the usual video price).

In related news, Droid sends in news of an posting on NME.com here, stating a release date of July 26th for an On Melancholy Hill digital bundle including the song and its video, the Japanese Popstars and She Is Danger remixes of the song, and a remix of Stylo by Labrinth featuring Tinie Tempah (probably the one that appears on the Gorillaz Youtube - but that is not confirmed at this point).

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