June 10th, 2010

Another On Melancholy Hill remix out now / (UPDATE: Another remix)

orion70 was first with the news that a new On Melancholy Hill remix is out now. It's by Feed Me aka Spor, and you can check it out on the Consequence Of Sound website here.

UPDATE 10/06/10 17:35 BST:- Another remix of On Melancholy Hill has been released. This is the fifth so far, and it's by an act called 'Japanese Popstars'. You can check it out on Drowned In Sound here.

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Reports / reviews from On Melancholy Hill screening

Yesterday there was a first press screening of the On Melancholy Hill video in Soho, London and Gorillaz-Unofficial was lucky enough to be there. A few summary comments follow, to read a full review and a guest review from Gorillaz fan LuckyLungs, click 'Read More' below

The video features a fantastic blend of 2D (the band, most of the collaborators) and 3D (Cyborg Noodle, the fish, the manatee, boats, water) and will surely leave few, if any, fans disappointed. Many fans will have already seen the animatic for the video which got a very positive reception, but the final product meets or exceeds those expectations.

Before the video was shown a short compilation film was shown, comprised of all 5 idents, the Plastic Beach plane intro, the Orchestral Intro video, the O2 Arena priority walk video, and some brief stills of Gorillaz art. Murdoc talked over the top linking them together, telling the story up to the return of Noodle to Plastic Beach. The Real Noodle ident was shown last, then the On Melancholy Hill video followed directly after. No word yet on whether this 'intro' will be available for wider viewing.

Some further information about the release of the video was given out. As previously announced the premiere will be on iTunes, and it will be available as a paid download. For the moment, that will be the only official / legal way to view the video, although no doubt it will at least be shown on TV etc at a later date.

A final bit of information about the video is that there have been 'censorship issues' with it, according to a comment made by an official party at the screening. Whilst there has been no further official clarification, the version screened at the press screening did not feature graphic blood splatter when the fighter pilot gets hit as seen in the animatic (and according to one source who must remain nameless, some blood splatter for that scene was worked on for the final video too). It's not yet known if an uncensored version will be released in future.

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Band member profiles back on Gorillaz.com / official band member Twitters

LuckyLungs sends the news that the Gorillaz band member profiles are back on Gorillaz.com . They all have some content to view too, so make sure you check them out (although Real Noodle's and Murdoc's is previously seen):-

2D | Murdoc | Noodle | Russel | Cyborg Noodle.

And the band members now all have their own Twitter accounts (previously, only Murdoc had one). The official Gorillaz Sub Division Twitter is following them all, and 2D's one had a tweet about Dave and Sudoku before the new content was uploaded to the 2D profile on Gorillaz.com :-

Russel | Cyborg Noodle | Noodle | 2D | Murdoc

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