June 7th, 2010

Gorillaz Sound System cancel Israel show

Droidsystem was the first to send the news that Gorillaz Sound System have cancelled a show in Israel. They were due to play at the Pic.Nic festival on 5th June. No reason has been given for the cancellation, though several other artists have also pulled out of the Pic.Nic festival after Israel's actions towards ships trying to reach Gaza in recent days.

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All Access highlights Rhinestone Eyes as new radio single

PumaManDan was first to send the news that All Access has chosen "Rhinestone Eyes" under their "Cool New Music" and "Impacting Songs" section for June 8th. (you can view the information on their site here , if you scroll down to "Cool New Music" and "Future Releases: Impacting Songs" "Rhinestone Eyes" is there. There's also a 'cover' for Rhinestone Eyes which may or may not be official). All Access were stated to have entered into a promotional arrangement with Gorillaz earlier on in Phase 3.

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New Murdoc NME blog

Vector sends the news that Murdoc has posted a guest blog on NME.com, about Gorillaz appearing at the Glastonbury Festival this year. A lot of websites around the net (including nme.com itself) are excitedly using this as evidence that Gorillaz will collaborate with Snoop Dogg during their live set at the Glastonbury Festival (Murdoc actually just says that he wants to see Snoop perform at the festival. However, it would be a brave person who'd bet against Snoop taking the stage with Gorillaz on the night, particularly after recent comments from Damon). Check out Murdoc's full blog on nme.com here.

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